Dec, 2023
Dec, 2023
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We would like to inform you that Symi Nautilus Luxury Suites  is fully in line with the special health protocols, on which tourism enterprises rely to take measures against the coronavirus COVID-19, as laid down in the Joint Ministerial Decision no. 1881/29.5.2020 by the Ministries of Finance, Health and Tourism (Greek Government Gazette 2084 Β’/ 29-5-2020).

An “Information Leaflet for Accommodation guests on the compliance with the health protocol in taking measures against the coronavirus COVID-19.” is posted at the reception area with listed measures taken by the tourist accommodation against COVID-19.


All members of the staff have received the necessary training to comply with the health protocols.


The tourist accommodation establishment  Symi Nautilus Luxury Suites has obtained the “Health First” certification seal from the Ministry of Tourism, indicating that the enterprise complies with all health protocols.


In our attempt to adapt to the new circumstances brought by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, we ask for your understanding and compliance with the measures applied to prevent the COVID-19 coronavirus transmission.


In case of displaying symptoms such as cough, headache, mild fever, the guest must stay in his/her room and immediately contact the manager of the tourist accommodation.


If the guest shows symptoms related to COVID-19, or if he / she receives a positive test result for COVID-19, within 14 days of his / her departure, he / she must inform the manager of the tourist accommodation immediately.


A record is kept with the guest’s details for reasons of protection of public health, in accordance with the aforementioned relevant legislation.

We would like to inform you that the enterprise bears no liability against any person, relating directly or indirectly to the coronavirus COVID-19, since we comply with the special health protocols and bear the “Health First” certification seal (Article 60 (5) of Law 4688/24-5-2020).

By now we can expect that our guests are aware of the risk of further coronavirus spread, and as such the risk they are taking when making new reservations, particularly  Non-refundable. This is applied  for all new reservations made as of 03/07/20, when the accomodation was  officially reopened with «health firts protocol”, we will no longer apply any refunds because of Force Majeure Conditions for guests seeking to cancel due to covid-19  or any other reason. These reservations will be treated like any standard booking, according to our usual policies and procedures.

Understanding the difficulties  Symi Nautilus Luxury Suites give the opportunity to its guests to send their reservation of 2020 to the next year 2021.

In case of any contract or tort claim against the tourist accommodation, it is agreed that competent courts will be exclusively the Greek courts with the jurisdiction over the tourist accommodation and an applicable law will be exclusively Greek law.


Information Leaflet for Accommodation guests on the compliance with the health protocol in taking measures against the coronavirus COVID-19


  • NO entry for non-residents.
  • Avoid overcrowding during check-in / check-out.
  • The key cards and keys are disinfected.
  • Extension of check-out and check-in between stays (check out until 11.00 am and check in from 3.00 pm). This change in the time interval between each check in and check out is mandatory to ensure that between different customers the room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and that adequate natural ventilation of the space is followed.
  • Use of plexiglass in the socket .
  • Check-in outdoors.
  • When requested, be able to: provide useful information to health care providers, pharmacies and protection measures.
  • Electronic payment of accommodation expenses, electronic sending of bills, receipts, and invoices.
  • Room cleaning and ventilation during the hours between different guests.
  • Not often room cleaning during the stay (avoiding contact of cleaning workers with a possible case and further transmission), only at the request of the customer.
  • Abolition of daily change of clothing and towels, only at the request of the customer.
  • Choosing a policy between regular cleaning and waiting 24 hours before the room is available to a customer or meticulous cleaning-disinfection (eg with steam-cleaner) on the disputed rooms of the room and bathroom.
  • Fabric surfaces (eg furniture upholstery) are cleaned with a steam device (temperatures 70.)
  • Washing fabrics, bedding and towels in hot cycles (70 C or more) with the usual detergents.
  • Opening doors and windows for natural ventilation of the space daily.
  • In particular, cleaning staff are advised to use a simple surgical mask, gloves and a disposable waterproof robe.
  • Removal of decorative objects (pillows, bedding)
  • Removal of shared objects for multiple use, such as menus, magazines, etc.
  • Installing a disposable cover on the TV and air conditioner controls.
  • Installation of individual antiseptic fluids in each room or antiseptic device.
  • It is not allowed to enter the kitchen area for those who do not have a job.
  • The room service staff uses a mask.
  • All food hygiene rules apply to hotel transfers. All hygiene requirements apply to collecting utensils that have already been used by customers.
  • Air condition: No operation in recirculation. Operation with open doors.



Thank you for undersdanding  and respecting these new rules.



Information and Management Officer covid-19