Apr, 2024
Apr, 2024
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Decoration & Collection

Elegance meets tradition!

Where natural beauty meets traditional style and comfort meets luxury is where you’ll find Symi Nautilus Luxury Suites.

Our hotel’s design is neoclassical while at the same time evidently traditional in style.

Luxury defines all our rooms/apartments at Symi Nautilus.

This sophisticated design is curated with care by our landlady herself, Ms Evangelia♥.

The walls of our rooms and common areas are adorned with intricate hand-made engravings depicting seashells, such as these of Nautilus.

The hand-painted roofs of 3 of “Superior studios” and the hand-sewn taffeta bed coverings are our most unique features, as they were created by our landlady herself.

Our collection!

Gleaming under the summer sun or deep into the sea, seashells are particularly intriguing and reminiscent of the summer decoration.

In our common areas you can discover our collection of various unique shells that will make you feel as if you’re at the bottom of the deep blue Aegean sea.

Amongst our various seashells there are two argonauts, which have been retrieved here, in Symi.

Our hotel’s bar has been named after the namesake octopus shells. The shells in our collection, which have been gathered from seas all around world, encapsulate the summer spirit and lead our guests towards a discovery trip to the sea life.

The crown jewel of our collection is the two argonauts found in the sea of Symi.

That will be the inspiration of ou bar’s name. Our collection is not limited to spooky spaces but parts of it also adorn the "Superior Studios".

Natural beauty meets traditional style and comfort meets luxury.

Feel the summer breeze and the luxury of our interior design, our unique light arrangements and fabrics.