Dec, 2023
Dec, 2023
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View & Location


Symi’s main harbour is only 2klm from Symi Nautilus Luxury Suites!! Our hotel offers free transport from and to the harbour upon your arrival and departure. Our landlady, Ms Evangelia, shall personally greet you at the harbour and accompany you to Symi Nautilus.


Let us know the time of your arrival and departure!


Symi Nautilus Luxury Suites is located in one of the most beautiful and picturesque islands of the Dodecanese complex, Symi. Our hotel is located in “Miloi”, “Chorio” (Ano Chora), 2 km from the island’s harbour.It is located along the road, as we head to the sea of the "Pedi" area, 2km.

To get around the island, you can use either taxis or the bus, which stops right outside Symi Nautilus. Our hotel is right next to the road and can be easily accessed with a private vehicle, while there is also free parking space. “Kali Strata”, a picturesque village with neoclassical buildings and mansions, is within a short distance from the hotel, while it is only 20 minutes from “Yialos” by way of cobblestone stairs. The nearest beach is 30 minutes away on foot, and only 10 minutes away by bus!


Our suites at Symi Nautilus Luxury Suites faithfully comply with the modern standards for luxury accommodation. Enjoy our unique hospitality in a purposefully luxurious environment, elevated by the interior design, as well as the magnificent view, which transmits tranquillity and relaxation. Symi Nautilus Luxury Suites is located in a quiet neighbourhood of Symi, in Miloi, Ano Chora, making it ideal for guests who wish to unwind! The view from the balconies and the terraces is equally serene as they overlook the mountain, the plain, the Chorio area, as well as the sea and the natural bay “Pedi”. The rooms are bathed in natural light, while the balconies and terraces bask in the island breeze and the bright Aegean light, offering luxurious moments of relaxation.


Lie on the sun beds and enjoy moments of relaxation under the warm sun and the summer breeze.


The scenic view of the mountain, the plain, the Chorio area, as well as the sea off the “Pedi” bay from the sun-drenched terraces and room balconies gives off an air of tranquility.