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Symi – Τhe Jewel of the Dodecanese!

Symi is part of the Dodecanese island complex and is located next to Rhodes. Enchanting at first sight, Symi is the ideal place to enjoy the Greek summer. It is one of the most popular destinations in the Aegean, as its unique elegance and traditional style attract thousands of visitors each summer. The island’s traditional ochre-coloured houses are built amphitheatrically.

Symi comprises two main areas, Yialos and Chorio (Ano Chora). Yialos is the area around the island’s harbour while Chorio is the upper town. From these two villages visitors can reach Kali Strata by climbing a staircase of approximately 400 wide, cobblestone steps and enjoy a scenic view of neoclassical buildings and traditional architecture! Pedi is another seaside village, its beach located at the end of the bay. Other smaller villages include Nimborio and Xisos. Nautilus overlooks the Chorio area and the seaside village Pedi.

At the other end of the island is the Monastery of Archangel Taxiarchis Michael of Panormitis, dedicated to Symi’s patron saint. It is located off a beautiful shore with green waters. Renowned for his miracles, the saint’s energy surrounds the monastery and attracts thousands of worshippers every year.

By visiting the island’s museums, travelers can learn more about Symi’s culture since the ancient times.

Visitors can try the local cuisine at traditional tavernas and restaurants. A popular dish is the Symi shrimp, a delicious bite-sized delicacy.

There are many organised beaches with restaurants, sun beds and umbrellas, which can be accessed by boat, as there are natural ones with crystal clear waters!

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